Two-hour consultations at your home or business

Use this time to show me around your space, ask me questions. We'll work together to problem solve any of the common themes below and more... Afterward I'll send you a summary with recommendations.

Existing Landscape Problems

  • Dying Plants

  • Sick Plants

  • New plants struggling

  • Tree disease

  • How do I create a quick privacy screen?

  • Best shade trees for this region?

Vegetable Garden and Fruit Tree Questions

  • Why isn't my veggie garden doing well?

  • How do I keep the birds from eating my seeds?

  • What are the right fruit varieties for here?

  • What is wrong with my fruit tree?

Irrigation Questions

  • Why are my plants not growing?

  • How many emitters should I put on a tree?

  • Why is my tree dying?

  • How long should I set my timer for?

  • What type of irrigation for a vegetable garden?

Drainage Problems

  • How do I prevent my side yard from pooling?

  • Why is my Arizona room flooding?

  • What can I do to keep my driveway from washing out?

  • How can I channel water to the right places on my land?

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