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About Me

Hello my name is Cynthia Hunter. I have over 30 years experience designing gardens in the West using regional and low-water use plants. I operated a full service landscaping business during this time and have designed over 100 xeriscapes.

I earned a degree in Environmental Studies from Prescott College, AZ, with an emphasis in native landscape design, southwest botany and developed a sound knowledge of regional butterflies and birds. I published the field guide Conpicuous Butterflies of the Gila National Forest, have led many walks on plant identification and currently give presentations on how to design wildlife habitat gardens.

I work with clients to develop design drawings for gardens and irrgation systems. Or I offer two hour consultation sessions problem solving for existing landscapes.

I specialize in designing court yards, patios or small to medium size residental and commercial spaces that will bloom throughout the year and attract and support our many bird and butterfly specie. With careful plant selection and placement, even in an arid urban setting, you can surround yourself with lush plants and vibrant creatures. Plant it and they will come!

  • Landscape Design Drawings Using mostly regional trees, shrubs and wildflowers creates a suprisingly lush atmosphere. By adding beautiful shade structures, fountains, art, pavers, walls, gates, walkways and more, I design the infrastructure that is the basis for inviting and comfortable outdoor "livingrooms".

  • Wildlife Habitat Garden Design Expert plant selection and placement creates a garden sancuary for you and your wild friends. It will grow quickly, succeed and provide years of enjoyment.

  • Vegetable Garden Design Vegetable garden beds or pots, protective infastructure, edible tree and shrub selection, advice on what vegetables grow best here and how to time your garden plantings, plus everthing else you need to know to grow a variety of delicious food plants in the desert.

  • Potted Plant Design Don't have the space or patience to plant in the ground? Why not cluster vibrantly colored pots, planted with attractive flowers and accent plants around your patios or entryway? Have a Potted Plant Garden instead!

If you want to share your urban yard with birds and butterflies but are struggling to know what plants to plant and how to help them flourish, or simply need help improving your current landscape, give me a call and we'll talk gardening together!

Let's Get Started with a Free Half-Hour Phone Consultation 575-654-7437