Wildlife Habitat Gardens

"Plant it and They Will Come!"

  • Warm walls and rocks in the garden attract lizards and perching butterflies.

  • View wildlife everyday in your own yard! Plant for the 3-B's, Blooms, Birds and Butterflies.

  • You can have nearly year-round blooms in Tucson. Take advantage of it!

  • Even after just two or three years birds will begin to nest in your yard.

Using regional plants provides the food and shelter that local specie need to thrive. Proper plant selection and placement are crucial to creating an environment that will be welcoming to them and thrilling for you. Bring wildlife into an urban setting. Make your yard a garden sanctuary!

Create multitiered plantings to attract a variety of specie. We don't need to settle for just cacti, succulents and yuccas to have a low-water garden in Tucson. Most of the flora here on the desert floor and surrounding canyons are composed of trees, shrubs and wildflowers. I use them in my designs for maximum effect.

By providing plenty of cover with grasses and wildflowers, multi-trunked trees and thick clusters of shrubs and perennial flowers, wildlife will have a place to tuck away, find shade and protection from urban predators. Fruiting plants provide healthy food for everything from desert tortoise to breeding birds.